Evolution of Mankind – Is there a new Leadership?

I seriously wonder, how much room will be left for natural, biological evolution as mankind is about to actively and dramatically change its self-conception, as interfaces towards technology, towards sensors and capabilites (nature took thousands of years to conceive) are be developed within the snap of a few centuries or even less: within decades.



Dr. Michio Kaku, a recognized astrophysicist, living in the US and teaching as a professor at City College of New York and City University of New York, speaks of the chance, that we will be able to upload our memory already in 2030 and might be able to do conversations with our (grand)^x kids as they will press the button in order to bringt back to life a brain or memory (including his/her full personality) out of a library of brains. Sounds fantastic or science fiction? – As for me this is only the logical consequence of the genesis of the thing we heroically call today „Digital World“.


Photo: Nickolay Lamm

Photo: Nickolay Lamm










The BIG eyes we (not „we“ but perhaps our digital instances 😉 ) might see in 100,000 years time, what about them? They don’t necessarily look sexy from our today’s perspective, they rather look futuristic. – And helpful. But as I suppose, mankind won’t be as patient to let the nature, as we know it today, do the job. Technology might do better and, there is no question about it, much, much quicker. Still, there is one question left about the whole, mankind-driven technology development. It’s the question about ethical values, ethical responsibility. As mankind takes over the process of evolution of mankind and self-image of mankind, both risks and chances increase. In the end, it will be up to the mankind how to deal with these questions, issues and challenges.

Source for how we will (might) look like in 100,000 years time:

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