„Runaway“ from Germany | My support for the new album by Tamara Laurel

(See Update at the end of the post!)

As you may remember, in September 2013 I was one of the two lucky winners from Germany who were invited – and completely sponsored by Nokia – to work as a Social Media Week reporter at Social Media Week Los Angeles. That time I met a lot of new friends who were/are living in the LA/Santa Monica area. As I have keeping my eyes on Santa Monica afterwards, it happend to me that I got in touch with Tamara Laurel, a young and in my opinion very talented and dedicated folk singer and songwriter from that Californian area. Not in person, but over the net. But who knows, what comes next, as I use to say. 😉 To get an idea of Tamara’s aura, you may watch the following interview with her:

„I want you“ is a nice song you might want to listen to:

Currently Tamara is working on her new album called „Runaway“. As she sets out to spread the word about this, she asks friends worldwide to produce their own short video (5 seconds time only). And if I got her right, Tamara is going to make ONE video out of the many from the different countries. So she kindly asked me, as well, and I just gave it shot. I hope, you and Tamara will like it!:-))

I will be keeping my fingers crossed until the whole world gets to know about the new album Runaway by the fantastic and unique Tamara Laurel!

You can find Tamara (at least) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:



UPDATE (November 10th, 2015)

The official Release Party of „Runaway“ will be in LA on Nov. 19th, 2015:

You can watch the music video that actually contains my video; SO HAPPY:))


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